What makes a "builder"?

In short, a “builder” is just someone that wants to create. Growing up in an area of a budding computer science and music department, many friend groups develop through their mutual desire build something new. At CruzHacks 2018, a group of friends and I had an idea of creating a node-based social network that lets these people connect and share ideas. After a few hours of brainstorming, we came up with Vission, a web application focused around nodes of ideas that organically build off each other and lets users explore projects in a 2D node-network.

Sounds complicated right? We thought so too. This was one of those abstract ideas that requires a huge amount of specific peices to fit together to work. With MVP in mind, we set out on building a concept platform that gives users the chance to explore a few music-based nodes in a network map.


January 2018

From a technical standpoint, Vission is a standalone web application that uses SigmaJS to create an interactive node map that users can zoom and manipulate. Each node is clickable, and users can login using google logins to comment and interact with the nodes available.

Connecting Ideas

Clicking on each node shows a descriptive dialog with an information section and integrated comments system. Here users could write out their ideas, opinions, and thoughts on a particular topic. “Building” off a node would create a new node, letting the network expand on each idea to delve deeper and deeper into a subject. In the comments section users could comment what they think and talk to other users.

Technologies Used


Semantic UI