This was actually the first CS project I ever did other than basic assignments in AP Computer Science. When we came up with the idea of ORHX, I decided to do the website on a whim and it ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made.

After I developed the site, we built some connections at Intel (our planned venue for the hackathon), and ended up getting a few internship positions offered for our high school. When I applied for one of them, it was my experience from building this site that ended up securing me the job, which was my first internship straight out of high school.

Why a hackathon?

Growing up in a school with a strong computer science presence, many students were prompted to pursue coding events external to the classes we took in school. After attending HP Codewars, an algorithmic coding competition for high-schoolers, a group of friends and I decided to host our own hackathon. We settled on the name ORHX, or Oak Ridge Hacks.

ORHX was meant to solve a few distinct problems with the area we lived in. Most hackathons were located at colleges or the bay area, which made them fairly inaccessible for high schoolers. With this project, we shared the computer science atmosphere with other local students and started an annual event that we still come back to mentor at every year.


The ORHX website was geared mainly as a marketing site utilized for sharing information about the event and collecting sign ups. From a technical standpoint, it’s pretty simple. Thus, the best way too learn more about it is to just explore the site!

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