Since Spring Quarter of 2019, I've participated in Hack at UCI, UCI's Hackathon organizer team that puts on Orange County's largest collegiate hackathon. I work on the Tech team, a sub-team of marketing that develops the website for marketing the event and handling day-of organization.

Over the last few month's I've worked on two sites for HackUCI, the ZotHacks website and the main HackUCI website.


Each Fall, the tech team redoes the CSS and deploys a new theme for that years hackathon. This year we went for a robotic-blocky theme with similar colors as the zothacks website.

Landing Page


Sponsor Page



Over the summer I built a small front-end only site to advertise ZotHacks. ZotHacks is intended to be an introductory hackathon for new students at UCI, giving them the hackathon atmosphere before the main event later in the year.

This project was also one of the first times I started using react for front-end sites. The structure of react makes it really easy to put together a bunch of parts and keep the code clean. From now on I'll likely be using GatsbyJS with TailwindCSS for faster development and better deployments however.

Landing Page