Failed Hackathons and Successful Internships

While our planned hackathon ORHX ended up being unsuccessful in hosting Intel as a venue, our connections and work prompted a VP to offer 5 internships for Oak Ridge computer science students. After a thorough application round between several Intel managers and us students, I was offered a position working under the Non-Volatile Solutions Group (NSG). This internship lasted throughout the summer of 2017, from which I extended my position and scope to keep working until February 2018. As my first internship came to a close, I transitioned to a new team where I worked with larger reaching products, full development team, and faster development cycle.

Tools Development Intern

June 2017 - February 2018

During my first internship, I was tasked with replacing an internal application facilitating the requesting of product tests within Intel Folsom's labs. After three weeks of planning, my manager and I came up with Request Engineering Services.

Functional Tracking

One of the inconsistencies I sought to eliminate with RES was the outdated test tracking systems used at Intel. Rather than using a series of emails for forwarding and communication, RES introduced a task dashboard with an integrated comments system for each test. All requests could be focused and manipulated using dialogs, with printing and alert notifications built in. Using the task dashboard and database tools, test management became organized, focused, and easy to use for all customers using the product.

Smarter Scheduling

After the improved tracking systems set in place, I used RES to address another problem consistently wasting time in labs: test scheduling. With the introduction of a scheduling panel, technicians could schedule tests and plan accurate scheduling timelines using the engineering estimates given . Testing information is then achieved when a test is completed. Testing data is then incorporated into a data page which provides detailed insights into what is causing retests, time conflicts, and overall load problems within the labs.

Technologies Used





Test Automation Intern

February 2018 - September 2018

While the validation programs I helped develop are under an NDA, I'd be happy to discuss the work and challenges I faced throughout the course of this internship. Under this team I implemented features and led multiple refactoring efforts resulting in improved usability, faster loading, and a more functional UI/UX.

Technologies Used