Lasse Nordahl

Software Engineer

California, eventually NYC

About Me 📓

I'm Lasse Nordahl, a senior attending UC Irvine pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science with a specialization in AI/ML. After a few internships and fun side projects, I've started to specialize in full-stack development and computer vision. In my free time I'm either rock climbing, drawing corgis on work resources, or doing photography. Feel free to explore the site to learn more about me.

Right now I'm taking a quarter break from school to intern at The New York Times as an R&D Intern. Currently I'm trying to digitize the NYT Archives using OCR and Natural Language Processing.

Starting Fall 2021 I'll be joining Cockroach Labs as a new grad Software Engineer!

Resume 📝

Below is my up-to-date resume focused on my biggest projects and most prominant work experience.

Experience 💼

Projects 🧗

Research 🔬

While I haven't been directly involved with writing papers myself, I've contributed to a few pieces of research through developing assistive programs or applications using researched technologies.


Gender and Publish Timeline Correlational Study

Developed a program that parsed names and publish dates from PDF's of astrophysics research papers and mapped publish time between genders using a Gender API. I'm in the acknowledgements!

SemIoTic: Bridging the Semantic Gap in IoT Spaces

Developed several applications that utilized the TIPPER's API. An IoT middlewear system for building complicated entity relationships. I'm on the poster!

Videos 📹

Sometimes I make small videos for fun with friends, and once I was in a Pepsi commercial!

Pepsi Commercial

Day in the Life

Photography 📷

In my free time I do some photography to capture memories, spend some time outdoors, and see some pretty colors. Take a look at some of my favorite photos from the last few month on Flickr.